Posted on: January 25, 2012 10:46 pm

Payton Manning...To Dallas

There are a bunch of sportswriters out there guessing where Payton Manning might end up if Indy decides not to pay the man $28 million come this March.
I have seen teams like (Miami, Washington, Jacksonville, NYJ, Arizona, Seattle, and Kansas City). In case it has slipped everyones minds, if Payton doesn't get his wish to stay in Indy, he wants to play for a team that has a chance to make it to the Superbowl within the 2-3 year window he has to work with.
BING!!! The Dallas Cowboys!!! They have a coach that is trying to learn, and let me see...The Dallas Starting WR's...Miles Auston, Laurent Robinson, and Dez Bryant. Starting, and backup RB's...Demarco Murry (a Super Stud for 2012), and Felix Jones. Starting TE...Witten. WOW, an awesome crew, Right!!! 
Dallas trades Romo for a couple of high draftpicks, and uses them to shore up the OL, and uses the rest of their 2012 draft for the defense. I think this is a great place for Manning to start at QB, and end his carreer.
Jerry Jones just made the remark that the only difference between the NYG, and Dallas is Eli Manning being better than Romo. Jerry is keeping quiet on this one, but when the time comes he's gonna go full force for Payton, and then the Brothers can play against eachother twice a year. Jerry Jones and the Boy's fans will be going nuts when this happens.

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Posted on: August 11, 2009 12:00 am

NASCAR question on the CHASE!

I love NASCAR racing but have only been watching it closely for about 2 years now.
I have a question about the chase with the top 12 drivers.
Does it make any diffenence if you finish #1 or #12 in the standings once the chase begins. I would think that the driver that finishes first in the standings before the chase begins should have some type of advantage over the other drivers. Do the top five or six drivers in the standings have any advantage over the other 6-7 or do they all start out with a new slate.
WOW Stewart was just awesome today and has been all season. Ya gotta love the guy if you love racing. I think Jordan will break loose once the chase begins and win some more races. My so called sleeper of the CHASE is Mantoya. The guy has looked awesome and you have to wonder if he has figured out that he don't have to win every race to be good unlike Kyle.
I Love this stuff and never knew there was so much stratigy to it untill I took a real interest in it.
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Posted on: May 24, 2009 5:59 pm

NBA Playoffs fixed???

You have to wonder if the NBA Playoffs are fixed. There is bunches and bunches of money out there to be made by the NBA during the playoffs and after they are over. Think about this...If Denver and Orlando make it to the finals are as many fans going to watch them as as would watch a Laker-Cavs final. Easy answer to that one...No way. The Lakers are a big market team and have Kobe and the Cavs have the player that that everyone into basketball loves in LaBron.

Another thing...if Denver and Orlando are in the finals do you think the Championship hats, shirts, shoes, and all the other sports stuff sold after the Playoffs are over will sell as good. NO...not even close. The fan base for the Lakers and Cavs is humongus. The money the NBA stands to lose if the Lakers and Cavs aren't in the finals is fanomonal.

I picked the Lakers and Cavs for the finals before the playoffs even started. To me it was a no brainer pick. Why is it a no brainer? Well...could it be the NBA playoffs are FIXED. If I could have gotten somewhere to bet on who was going to be in the finals before they even started I would have bet the whole farm on LA and the Cavs.

The NBA is making these semi-finals really close and fun to watch so they can keep the fans interested. You know even if LaBron hadn't made the 3 pointer at the end and the Cavs go down 0-2 I would have still felt good about my whole farm bet.

The NBA needs a LA vs Cavs final to make all that money that is out there. Beleive me my friends it will happen.

LA will win the Championship, and one more will go 7 games...and more than likely the Hero for the Lakers in game 7 will be...Yep you guessed it...Kobe Briant. Kobe and LaBron will shake hads at half court and be all smiles and the NBA and all its fans happy untill the 2010 season.

The NBA semi-finals are about like watching Pro Wrestling...You know who is going to win as soon as they show up.

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Posted on: May 23, 2009 2:07 am

This just came out!!!

Mike Vick is trying to get a new LEASH on life.

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Posted on: May 19, 2009 1:26 am

Farve sergery then Vikings?

Brett Farve is to have sergery on the torn ligiment in his throwing shoulder. Recovery and reabilitation time is supposed to be 6-8 weeks. The Vikings are well aware of this and are supposedly ready to sign Farve as soon as the sergery is done and the reabilitaition seems to be going in the right direction. WOW!!! I was hoping that Farve would stay at home and just enjoy hunting and fishing. In my mind the Vikings are way better off without Farve. I was a total Farve fan in his days with the Packers when he was in his prime and an exelent QB but at 40 and having a hurting body I don't think he is the Vikings answer.
Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor better be ready for a lot of work and Farve better be ready to throw the ball 20 or less times a game or the Vikings will be in trouble. Farve's arm just isn't going to last a full season if he throws the ball 30 or more times a game. I can see the interceptions mounting up as I am typing.
The first 5 games on the Vikings schedual won't be to bad if Farve is there but after that if I remember right it's Pittsburg, Baltimore, and the Packers on the road. Farve has a chance of eating a lot of turf in those games and playing the Pack on the road is not going to be a bed of roses. You think the Pack won't be going after him like there's no tomorrow.
I wish the best of luck to Mr. Farve and the Vikings but I think this is a bad move on both of their parts.
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Posted on: May 11, 2009 11:20 pm

JETS: Thomas Jones Trade Bait?

Word is out that Thomas Jones has skipped yet another workout session with the NY Jets. Jones also didn't report to a March workout program held by the Jets.
The main problem is he is not happy with the $900,000 he is schedualed to make this comming year. He knows with the $2.8 million he is to get in the final year of his contract comming in 2010 the writing is on the wall that this could be his last year with the Jets without a new contract being worked out this year. 
With the news being out that the Jets are working to get a long term contract worked out with Jones's backup Leon Washington and the fact the Jets signed what they think is their future at RB Shonn Greene...Jones future with the Jets is looking kinda bleak right now.
Thomas Jones had over 1,300 yards last season and to go along with that he had 15 TD's.
The rumors are out that Jones's name has come up in trade talks several times already and that he may not be a member of the Jets for the 2009 season. You would think that 1300 yards and 15 TD's would sucure you a job with most teams but the Jets really like both Washington and Greene.
These are some teams that might be considering Jones as a starter for their team...Remember now I'm talking in my mind these are the teams.
Cleveland - J. Lewis is definately on the downside of his carrer.
New Orleans - McAllister is done and they need a RB to fill his shoes.
Kasas City - Larry Johnson could be gone.
Cincinati - Thomas Jones would be the best RB on their roster if they got him.
Buffalo - Could be wrong on this one but they could give him a shot.
Teams that might want him to make a 2 headed monster in their backfield are.
Pittsburg and Dallas.
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Posted on: May 5, 2009 7:38 pm

Vikings want farve...why?

I have been reading some of the things Vikings fans are saying about getting Farve on their team. Most of them seem to think it would be a great thing to add him to the Vikings roster and they will go to the SB in 2009. WOW!!! I don't think so.
Ya see anybody could QB the Viking's in their first 5 games. @ Browns, @ Lions, Home 49er's (possible tough game), Home GB (this could be tough too), and @ Rams. OK if Farve was the QB he could start out 5-0 or maybe 3-2 because he might throw to many Int. against the 9er's and Packers.  
Then there is games 6-7-8. Home Ravens, @ Steelers, @ Packers. WOW...he would get pounded by these teams. The Vikings better hope they can run the ball in these games because the Ravens and Steelers would kill Farve and the Pack at home you know will do everything they can to help this old man to the ground.
Then you can throw in 5 of the last 6 games. Home Bears, @ Arizona, @ Carolina, @ Bears, and Home NYG. WOW the TD's off of Interceptions in these 5 games could set a record. These 5 teams will have a hayday if Farve is the QB.
I figure the Vikings best is 8-8 with Farve as their QB trying to prove he is something that he isn't anymore.
With Sage Rosenfels at QB the Vikings have a way better shot. He is just going to do what works best for the team and if that is running the ball with AP and Chester Taylor then so be it. Throw the ball 18-20 times a game and get a passing TD here and there and win the game and Sage is happy. Can you say that about Farve...NOT.
Vikings with Farve 8-8.
Vikings with Rosenfels at least 10-6 and maybe up to 12-4 at best. Vikings keep what you got and go with it. Leave Farve on the farm at home.

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Posted on: May 4, 2009 10:50 pm

Zack Greinke 6-0 for Royals. ERA 0.333

Zack Greinke is now 6-0 pitching for the Royals. This guy has looked awesome in all 6 of his starts this season. He didn't even let the SI Cover jinx bother him. This was his first start since being on the cover of Sports Ill.
Tonight Zack gave up 6 hits and had 10 strike outs and 0 walks. He threw 104 pitches in 9 innings...thats just over 11 pitches an inning. This guy was still throwing the ball 95 mph in the 9th inning. Zack in not phased by the game...he just pitches and is just doing an awesome job.
Zack has 3 complete games, and looks stronger as the game goes along. He has the Royal fans going crazy and more and more fans are going to the games when he is pitching.
I know it's early but this young guy is so fun to watch and it's so good to see the KC fans having fun again. One fan was waving a jersey that said CY YOUNG 2009 on it. It also had #23 on it which is Greinke's number.

Go Royals!!! 
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